Episode 22 – Evidence for the Exodus Part 2

The Exodus is considered the greatest Old Testament event but did it actually occur? The law was given to the people of Israel at this time. It is this law that Jesus came to fulfill. The feast of the Passover, and the Feast of Tabernacles commemorates the events of the Exodus. However critics deny this event ever occurred. Could the greatest event in the Old Testament be only a legend?  Join me as I interview Old Testament scholar Dr. Eugene Merril and learn what the evidence reveals.

Episode 21 – Evidence for the Exodus Part 1

Did the Exodus actually happen?  This is one of the most celebrated events in the Jewish culture.  However, there are critics who say that this event never occurred.  They argue that there are no records outside the Bible that mention this event. Other critics argue that an exodus did occur but on a much smaller scale than recorded in the Bible and that the date of the Exodus is nearly two centuries later than what is recorded in the biblical text. Is there evidence for the Exodus? Join me as I interview Old Testament scholar Dr. Eugene Merril as we discuss the Exodus and investigate the evidence for this monumental event in Old Testament history.

Episode 665 – From Allah’s Slave to God’s Son Pt 2

How do you explain the Trinity effectively to a Muslim? How do you explain Jesus is God’s Son to a Muslim? These and other major Christian doctrines are viewed as blasphemous by Muslims so how can we communicate such concepts to a Muslim? Listen as former Muslim Adbu Murray explains how to effectively communicate the truths of the gospel to our Muslim friends.

Episode 664 – From Allah’s Slave to God’s Son Pt 1

As a young man, Abdu Murray was a zealous defender and evangelist for his Islamic faith. However, he came to find the truth in Jesus. How was he convinced about Jesus? What led him to leave Islam and follow Jesus? Listen as he shares his powerful story of leaving the bondage of Islam and finding freedom in Christ.

Episode 663 – Searching The Stars Pt 2

Many people are fascinated by horoscopes and zodiacs. Astrology has been around for centuries and many people look to the stars for meaning and direction in life. Do the stars reveal our future? Listen as former astrologer Marcia Montenegro shares the truth about astrology and how she came to find the real message behind the stars.

Episode 343 – Atheism’s Fatal Flaw Part 2

Atheists argue that the existence of evil poses a serious flaw to the belief in an all powerful and loving creator. However, this argument actually reveals atheism’s most fatal self contradiction. Join me as I interview Christian scholar Dr. Norman Geisler as he reveals “Atheism’s Fatal Flaw.”

Episode 342 – Atheism’s Fatal Flaw Part 1

How can a good and loving God allow evil to exist? This is one of the most popular arguments presented by the atheists. However, their top argument poses a major dilemma not for the Christian but for the atheist! Discover Atheism’s fatal flaw in my interview with Christian scholar Dr. Norman Geisler.