Episode 496 – The Christian History of Japan Pt 1

Christians make up less than one percent of the Japanese population today. However, few know that when Christianity first arrived in Japan in 1549, the Japanese embraced the Gospel and thousands came to faith in Christ. How did Christianity spread and what happened to the church in Japan? Join Pat as he presents the little known Christian history of Japan.

Episode 516 – Uniqueness of Jesus Among World Religions Pt 2

Do we have an accurate historical account of life and teachings of the founders of the world religions?  How accurate our present day texts to the original documents? Was the life and teachings of Jesus unique from all other religious teachers?  Join Pat and guest Dr. Gary Habermas as they explain how Jesus and Christianity is unique from all other world religions and their founders.

Episode 515 – Uniqueness of Jesus Among World Religions Pt 1

Do all religions teach essentially the same thing? How unique is Christianity from all the other world religions? Since all religions have miracle claims, how can we know which one is true?  Join Pat and his guest Dr. Gary Habermas as they reveal the uniqueness of Jesus from all other religions of the world.

Episode 408 – Islamic Implosion Part 1

Islam is perceived as the fastest growing religion in the world. Some believe it will soon overtake Christianity but is there a coming Islamic implosion? What facts are causing many Muslims to question the credibility of their faith? Listen as Islamic scholar Dr. Daniel Janosick reveals the coming Islamic implosion.

Episode 364 – “Jesus in the Qur’an” Part 2

The Qur’an teaches that Jesus did many miracles as a child, that He was not crucified, and He was not resurrected from the dead? What are the sources of Muhammad’s teachings on Jesus? How reliable are these sources? Listen as Pat compares the Jesus of the Qur’an and the Jesus of history.