Episode 404 – Mormonism: Doctrine of God

Is the Mormon church a Christian denomination or is it a cult? Do Mormons worship the biblical God or do they have another Savior? Join Pat as he reveals the Mormon doctrine of God and see if the God of the Mormon Church is consistent as the God of the Bible.

Episode 721 – Out of Zion – Journey Out of Mormonism Pt 3

Lisa was a sixth generation Mormon who grew up believing that the Mormon Church was the true church and that Mormons were indeed true Christians. Most Mormons believe as Lisa did that they are true Christians. How did Lisa eventually learn that Mormonism is very different and contradictory to biblical teaching? Listen to Lisa’s story and gain insights from a former Mormon as she shares not only her journey but how to effectively witness to our Mormon friends.

Episode 719 – Out of Zion – Journey Out of Mormonism Pt 1

What was it like growing up as a Mormon woman? Many do not know that in Mormonism, Men hold the keys to the celestial kingdom. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure on women as they seek to fulfill their Mormon mission in this life. What are the pressures Mormon women face as they seek to live lives worthy of attaining godhood?  Listen as former Mormon Lisa Brockman shares her story of how she came out of Mormonism and to faith in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.