Episode 408 – Islamic Implosion Part 1

Islam is perceived as the fastest growing religion in the world. Some believe it will soon overtake Christianity but is there a coming Islamic implosion? What facts are causing many Muslims to question the credibility of their faith? Listen as Islamic scholar Dr. Daniel Janosick reveals the coming Islamic implosion.

Episode 600 – The Islamic Hope of Paradise Pt 2

Does the Quran teach there will be young maidens in paradise for martyrs? Is martyrdom in Jihad the surest way to paradise? How does Islamic paradise differ from heaven in the Bible?  Listen as Pat answers these questions and more as he compares the biblical view of heaven and the Islamic view of heaven.

Episode 60 – Testimony of a Muslim Missionary Part 2

What happens when a person born and raised a Muslim comes to know Jesus Christ? What does Christ offer for Muslims? What are differences? Listen as we join our guest speaker and his amazing story about how he came to know Christ coming from a very devout Islamic home. Join Patrick Zukeran and our guest as they discuss the muslim perspective of faith and how to approach Muslims from that perspective.