Episode 681 – Memorial to Dr. Norman Geisler Pt 2

Dr. Norman Geisler was one of this generation’s greatest defenders of the faith. His writings, teachings, and debates impacted thousands of lives for Christ. In this special tribute to God’s servant, listen as close friend Doug Potter and Pat Zukeran share insights into the life of Dr. Geisler that made him a beloved teacher and mentor to so many.

Episode 680 – Memorial to Dr. Norman Geisler Pt 1

One of the greatest defenders of the faith in this generation was Dr. Norman Geisler whose writings, teachings, and lectures impacted the lives of millions for nearly four decades. His debates against top skeptics are legendary as he proved to be a skilled apologist for Christ. Dr. Geisler was also a mentor to many who followed in his footsteps. Listen to a special show as Pat and Dr. Doug Potter pay a special tribute to this servant of God who God used powerfully in our generation.

Episode 637 – EAC 2018 – The Transgender Debate Pt 3

Should men who identify as women be allowed to use women locker rooms and facilities? Can a teacher or counselor advise a child to accept their biological sex or is that discrimination? How should the church respond to this issue? Listen as Pat provides clarity on this critical issue and biblical guidelines how Christians and the church should respond to those who struggle with their gender identity.

Episode 636 – EAC 2018 – The Transgender Debate Pt 2

Can a person change their sex? Are some individuals born the wrong gender?? Is gender dysphoria a psychological disorder? Does the Bible address the transgender issue? Listen as Pat explains the issues in the transgender debate and presents a biblical understanding of gender and how the church must respond to this critical issue.

Episode 635 – EAC 2018 – The Transgender Debate Pt 1

America is in the midst of what has been called a “transgender moment.” Not long ago, most Americans had never heard of transgender identity, but just a few years ago it became a cause of civil rights. How did this issue come to the forefront of Western culture? What does the Bible say about gender? Can a person change their gender? Listen as Pat presents an overview of the controversy and a biblical response that will help every person respond truthfully to those seeking understanding of this issue.  

Episode 644 – EAC 2018 – Intolerance of the New Tolerance Pt 2

There has arisen a new and dangerous definition of tolerance. Listen as Greg explains the true definition of tolerance and how it got twisted to a new and dangerous definition. This new tolerance actually promotes a position of intolerance. Learn how to expose the failure of this new definition and a simple method to disarm the “tolerance trick.”

Episode 643 – EAC 2018 – Intolerance of the New Tolerance Pt 1

Why are so many people mad at Christians lately? Why are followers of Jesus often lumped in with other “religious fundamentalists” as a dangerous threat to liberty in America? Greg suggests that the heart of the problem is confusion about tolerance. In this insightful analysis, Greg outlines what happened to cause the definition of tolerance to go topsy-turvy. He exposes what he calls the myth of neutrality and the myth of tolerance and teaches a simple method to disarm the “tolerance trick.”

Episode 642 – EAC 2018 – Faith & Science: Are They Compatible? Pt 3

Can one believe in science and the Genesis creation account? Can a Christian be serious about science and still believe in the Bible? Is Christianity incompatible with science? Listen as Greg Koukl dispels the popular myth that Christianity and science are at odds and reveals how they actually are allies.