Episode 451 – Life on Mars Pt 2

Have we discovered extra terrestrial life on Mars? If so, how does that impact biblical teaching and the Christian faith? If there is life on Mars, could there be intelligent life elsewhere in the universe? Listen and Pat and astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink discuss the possibility of life on Mars and its theological implications.  Download Transcript

Episode 450 – Life on Mars Pt 1

NASA recently discovered evidence of water on Mars. Does this prove there is extra terrestrial life on Mars? If so, what theological impact does this discovery have? Listen as Pat and Astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink discuss the possibility of life on Mars and the possibility of life on other planets.   Download Transcript

Episode 528 – The Improbable Planet Pt 2

Could natural forces acting randomly produce life on earth? The more scientists discover about the universe, the odds that our planet could be the product of natural forces and chance continues to increase astronomically. However, is there a better explanation? Could the evidence point to a creator? Listen as astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross explains the scientific evidence and the most reasonable conclusions for why our planet is unique in the universe.

Episode 527 – The Improbable Planet Pt 1

Does science support the Genesis creation account? Does the scientific evidence point to an intelligent creator? Are there other planets like earth in the universe? Listen as Dr. Hugh Ross explains how new discoveries in science support the Genesis account and reveals how unique our planet is in the universe.

Episode 488 – Questions on the Afterlife: Part 4 – Purgatory

Part of a four part series. Do the souls of Christians go immediately to heaven or is there an intermediate place of purification?  The doctrine of purgatory has been taught for centuries. Is there a biblical case? Listen as Pat presents a biblical critique of this doctrine.

Episode 487 – Questions on the Afterlife: Part 3 – Necromancy

Part of a four part series. Can we communicate with the dead?  Do those in heaven know what is happening on earth?  What about Saul and the Witch of Endor? Psychics like Jonathan Edwards make millions communicating with the dead. But can we communicate with the dead? Listen as Pat analyzes psychics and communicating with the dead.