Episode 650 – Monkey DNA Pt 2

A high degree of genetic similarity (as high as 99% according to some studies) between humans and chimpanzees leads evolutionary biologists to conclude the two species share a common ancestor. However, a closer look at the genomic data presents a less certain picture. Listen as Pat and Dr. Rana explain the reason for similarity and if this is indeed evidence of a common ancestor.

Episode A02 – Icons of Evolution Pt 2

Has Darwin’s theory proven to be the answer for the origin and diversity of life? Many of the classic “proofs” has failed to make the case. Listen as Dr. Jonathan Wells explains why many of the classic “proofs” for Darwin’s theory are simply icons of the evolutionary argument.

Episode A01 – Icons of Evolution Pt 1

We are given the impression that there is conclusive support for Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory. However, many of the “proofs” for Darwin’s theory are not as strong as they seem. Listen as Dr. Jonathan Wells examines these classic proofs and see if they indeed build a case for Darwin’s theory of if they are just icons of evolution.

Episode 648 – Can a Scientist Believe in Miracles Pt 2

Does belief in God impede scientific discovery or does it compliment scientific research? Is belief in miracles irrational or can a scientist believe in acts of God. Listen as Pat and guest Dr. Ian Hutchinson explain the relationship between faith and science.