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New Series!!!
Image of God Under Attack
This series includes the following seminars:
-Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
-The Case for Marriage: Should we Redefine Marriage?
-Transgenderism: Is gender fixed or fluid? What does it mean to be Male and Female?
-Transhumanism: Is the cyborg mankind’s destiny? What does it mean to be human?
-The Case for the Soul: Are we material beings or is there an immaterial soul? Is there Evidence of Life Beyond the grave

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Atheists and their arguments
Authority of the Bible
Conspiracies of the Cross: New Resurrection Conspiracies
Defeating Darwinism
Does the Bible Err? Inspiration and Inerrancy of the Bible
Evidence for God
Evil and the Sovereignty of God
Historical Reliability of the Gospels
Is Jesus the Only Way?
Miracles: Possible or Impossible?
Pagan Connection: Did Christianity Borrow from the Greek Mystery Religions?
Prophecy and Apologetics
Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?
The New Atheist Movement: Atheism with an Attitude
Tolerance Gone Too Far: A Look at the New Tolerance
Three Christian Views on the Age of the Earth

Truth: Relative or Absolute?
Uniqueness of Christ
Why do Bad Things Happen if God is Good?
Why Is God Silent When I Need Him Most?
Why We Need Apologetics
Worldviews: Which one is true?

The Apologetics of Jesus: Examining Jesus’ Apologetic Strategy
Jesus’ use of Witnesses
Jesus’ use of Miracles
Did Christianity Borrow from the Mystery Religions?
Jesus’ use of Prophecy
Jesus’ use of Reason
Jesus and His Resurrection
Parabolic Apologetics: Apologetics in the Parables
Dealing with “Anti-apologetics” verses in the Bible

Historical Reliability of the Gospels
What About the Secret Gospels (Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Judas, etc…)

The Creation of the Canon
Does the Bible Err? Inspiration and Inerrancy of the Bible
Bible Translations
Journey Through the Old Testament
Journey through the New Testament

College Prep Conference

Worldviews on Campus
Campus Christianity: What to Expect at the University
Why I am a Christian: Basic Evidences for Faith in Christ
Dating Decisions
Defeating Darwin
Christianity and Science
Ethics: Discerning Right from Wrong
Truth: Relative or Absolute
Transgenderism and the Battle of the Sexes
We can customize our topics according to your student’s needs.

Old Testament Books
Job: The Silence of God
Proverbs: Key themes in Proverbs
Ruth and Esther

New Testament Books
Gospel of Luke
1 Peter
2 Peter and Jude

Angels and Demons
Spiritual warfare

Uniqueness of Christ
Defending the Deity of Christ

Four Views of Revelation (Preterist, Idealist, Historicist, Futurist)
The Rapture of the Church
The Tribulation
The Millennial Kingdom
A Tale of Two Cities: Jerusalem and Babylon

Israel at War Series
Israel Past
Israel Present
Israel Future
A Tale of Two Cities (Babylon and Jerusalem)

Heaven and Hell: The Difference Eternity Makes Today
Reincarnation and the Bible
What About Near Death Experiences, and other Phenomenon?
Evidence of Life Beyond the Grave

Sign of the Times
Four Views of Revelation
Israel at War 1 (Israel Past)
Israel at War 2 (Israel Present)
Israel at War 3 (Israel Future)
Rapture Question
Coming Cashless society
Russia Rising
Coming Middle East War
Coming Apostasy
Coming Anti-Christ
Late Great USA
7 Signs of Christ Return
Coming Rise of Babylon
Understanding the Relationship between Israel and the Church
The Coming Jerusalem Temple
Millennial Kingdom
New Heaven and the New Earth

Character of the Cults
Character of Abusive Churches
Abusive Churches, Leaving them behind
International Church of Christ
Oneness Pentecostals
Seventh Day Adventist

Jehovah’s Witness Series
Character of the Cults
Basic Doctrines of the Jehovah’s Witnesses
The Record of False Prophecy
Jehovah’s Witnesses and Jesus
Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Trinity

Mormonism Series
Characteristics of the Cults
Mormon Doctrine of God
Mormon Doctrine of Salvation
The Mormon Scriptures
Witnessing to Mormons

How Do We Determine Right and Wrong? A look at Ethical Systems
Abortion and the Right to Life
The New Tolerance
Christian Environmentalism
Discerning Truth in the Media
Homosexuality: Can They Change?
Discerning Truth in Media
How to Watch a Movie: Understanding the media and its Message
War, Terrorism, and the Use of Force
Transgender Debate

The Origin of Man’s Religions
The World of Animism
New Age
Uniqueness of Christianity
Alternative Medicine
Martial Arts
Reincarnation and Ancestor Worship

Islam Series
Basic Beliefs of Islam
Mohammad and Jesus
Bible and the Qur’an
Islamic Apologetics
Islamic Eschatology

Making of the Christian Canon
The Politically Incorrect History of the Crusades
Japan Christian History