Guest Speaker: Rhodes, Ron Ph.D | Guest Speaker

Who are the Jehovah’s Witnesses? Why do they knock on millions of doors, spreading their message? What do they believe – you might be shocked. Recently, Pat invited Dr. Ron Rhodes, author of “Reasoning from the Scriptures” to speak about Jehovah’s Witnesses. “Your average Jehovah Witness is a very sincere person, they believe what they believe – they’re not thinking they are deceived and they are out to deceive you. They think they have the truth and they want to share it with you.” “The dishonest people in my opinion, are the Watchtower Society…I believe that…(they) know that they’ve lied, and in fact there is a tremendous amount of evidence towards that effect.”

Evidence & Answers
Episode 107 - Jehovah Witnesses Part 2



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