Unless I See is There Enough Evidence to Believe? (paperback)


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by Dr. Patrick Zukeran

Unless I See (paperback edition) by Patrick Zukeran. Unless I See … Is There Enough Evidence to Believe? squarely faces the challenging questions that skeptics and seekers ask about the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Author Patrick Zukeran addresses the issues many raise. Is there evidence to support Christianity’s case?

Is there evidence for the existence of God? Do science and faith contradict one another?  Is the Bible a historically reliable document? Are the accounts of miracles trustworthy? Do we have an accurate account of the life of Jesus? Is there evidence for His resurrection?  In its head-on approach to these topics, Unless I See … Is There Enough Evidence to Believe?addresses major challenges to the Christian faith.

It surveys the variety of worldviews held in today’s society, presents evidence for the existence of God, addresses the issues raised by Darwin’s theory of evolution, explores the claims of postmodern relativism, makes a reasoned case for absolute truth, responds both to the problem of evil, and defends Christianity against the alternatives embodied in pluralism.

The message of Jesus Christ is often confronted by the competing claims and ideas of modern culture. This book will equip you, through its approachable and informative discussion, to present a well reasoned and compelling defense of the faith. It provides you with the tools and information to defend the Christian faith, instills confidence in your faith, and gives you the tools and techniques to share your faith with a world that does not yet see the truth found in Jesus Christ.


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