“Patrick Zukeran is one of the top Asian-American apologists in the world. He has excellent training at two top graduate schools. Pat is uniquely gifted to present and defend the faith in a university context and among thinking lay persons. He is the co-author of a crucial book, The Apologetics of Jesus. His experience in churches, universities, and the airwaves gives him an important edge in reaching the current culture for Christ.”

Dr. Norman Geisler,  Noted Christian Apologist, Scholar, Author and Professor


“Dr. Pat Zukeran is at once a well-trained apologist as well as an excellent communicator of the basis for Christianity.  I recommend him highly with regard to a wide range of apologetics topics.”

Dr. Gary Habermas,  Distinguished Research Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Philosophy, Liberty University


“I have known Pat Zukeran for many years and he is an excellent teacher and apologist. Whether through public speaking, radio shows, or writing, Pat’s teaching is always clear, concise, relevant, and most important, biblical.”

Dr. Ron Rhodes,  President Reasoning Through The Scriptures Ministries


“Pat Zukeran is a keen student of Christ and culture. He is able to equip Christians to bring the word into the world.”

Kerby Anderson, President of Probe Ministries,  Host of “Point of View” Radio Show,  2013 President of the International Society of Christian Apologetics.


“Patrick Zukeran possesses a keen mind and a compassionate heart towards the peoples of the world who need a sensible presentation of the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Ramesh Richard, Ph.D. Th.D.,  President of RREACH International,  Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary