Episode 325 – Resurrection: Ultimate Proof of Life Beyond the Grave Part 2

If the resurrection is true, the claims of Christ to be the divine Son of God and the only way to eternal life are indeed true. How strong is the case for the resurrection? Join Dr. Gary Habermas as he presents a unique and compelling case for the resurrection of Christ.

Episode 588: The Euthanasia Movement: Is it really about Dying with Dignity? Pt 2

Should Christians consider euthanasia? Why or why not? When is it murder? Listen as Pat interviews Dr. Craig Nakatsuka and hear him explain the facts about euthanasia and the biblical principles that should guide our end of life decisions.

Episode 617 – Understanding The Euthanasia Debate Pt 2

Physician assisted suicide, a practice once abhorred in our culture is now legal in several states and the movement continues to gain momentum.  Many Christians support this practice today.  Is it moral and humane? Listen as Pat Zukeran and Dr. Craig Nakatsuka explain the danger of legalizing the practice of physician assisted suicide.

Episode 616 – Understanding The Euthanasia Debate Pt 1

What is wrong with making physician assisted suicide legal? Shouldn’t terminally ill patients have the choice to end their lives when they choose to?  Is Euthanasia the morally right and humane choice?  Listen as Pat Zukeran and Dr. Craig Nakatsuka discuss the issue of Euthanasia.